3rd of October 2022

As a charity shop, donations are our lifeblood, in a nutshell without any donations we have no stock and no stock means no sales which means no profit and ultimately no point in operating a charity shop. The foundation shop is therefore extremely grateful for all of the support that it receives from donors, both here in the village and further afield that saw the pre-Covid 19 level of  annual charitable funding distributed in excess of one hundred thousand pounds.


In recent weeks the volume of donations has grown exponentially and can only be accepted between 9:30am and 1:00pm Monday to Friday and 10:00am ‘til 1:00pm on Saturdays at the tent in the rear yard behind Warwick Parade. This allows time for the sorting and pricing of stock by the volunteers


Regretfully we often have items donated or offered to us which we are unable to accept for various reasons. So going forward it might be helpful if I list some of the items involved and explained why those and other goods cannot be accepted.


Children’s car seats are perhaps one of the most common items that we unfortunately can’t sell because we are unable to certify that they have not been involved in an accident or incurred any other non visible damage that would or could impact upon the future safety and effectiveness of the item when used as necessary. The same rationale applies to motorcycle and cycling crash helmets. 


Whilst we now have a team of four certified Portable Appliance Testers, (PAT) Testers we do not have any qualified electricians. Consequently a light bulb or fuse can be fitted or changed and the item tested for safety purposes, however nobody is able to “repair” anything that is mains powered. If donating goods that require a remote control, please can it be taped to the item rather than being left loose.


Regretfully we do not have the space, either in the rear storage area or in the shop for items of furniture any bigger than a bedside cabinet or small coffee table. Large sofas and armchairs as well as white goods take up too much space and block emergency escape routes.


With most other donations all we can ask is one simple question; if offered for sale at a fair price would you buy this item. If the answer is no then please don’t donate it to the foundation. Currently the charity shop spends over one thousand pounds each year disposing of unsalable items to either landfill or recyclers.


Lastly, goods left outside the shop on Warwick Parade when the shop is shut constitute a trip hazard to pedestrians and donations left beside the receiving tent in the rear yard outside of trading hours risk being rain damaged, and rendered useless before they can be sorted by the next group of volunteers the following day.


Hopefully the above information will explain our position regarding donations as your help and understanding makes all the difference, as well as why we can only accept donations between 9:30am and 1:00pm Monday to Friday and 10:00am ‘til 1:00pm on Saturdays at the containers in the rear yard behind Warwick Parade.

22nd of August 2022

At long last the shop sales last week broke through the two thousand pound a week mark, and comfortable at that. The total shop sales exceeded two thousand three hundred pounds. for the first time since May. It could have been caused by the new layout or an increase of quality donations that arrived but either way hopefully this was not just a flash in the pan.

Staffing is now virtually complete with an influx of new volunteers to cover most of the gaps.

During the last couple of weeks the Station Adopters have distributed over three hundred aluminium re-usable water bottles to commuters on South Woodham Ferrers station. These together with the water dispenser sited on the platform will hopefully reduce usage of plastic bottles whilst raising the profile of Mister Gees Foundation at the same time.

If you have any thoughts as to how the foundation might enhance living here in South Woodham Ferrers, please don't hesitate to contact either the foundation or the village group.

Our next job is to update this website, it needs a bit more colour and a makeover.

Lastly, next month sees the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Mister Gees Limited's first shop, here on Warwick Parade and the very first newspaper round that was delivered from it. I've arranged to do a paper round on the 7th of September to mark the occasion but will the weather hold out?

13th of July 2022

So here we are open again but with a number of volunteers still isolating with Covid-19.

I've just given up after four attempts at posting an announcement on Facebook.

The charity has just made a final payment to the British Red Cross Ukraine Relief Fund. This take the total to five thousand, two hundred and thirty pounds, fifty one pence. (£5,230.51)

Hopefully this will alleviate some of the suffering,.

20th April 2022

After rather a lot of talking to answerphones, sending e-mails, that were never responded to and finally making contact with a real person Mister Gees Foundation charity has made a five thousand pound donation the the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal. 

A second payment of donations gifted via Just Giving will be made when the dust settles.

Below is a financial statement that covers the 2021 - 2022 financial year.

Once again the trustees would like to thank everybody, shop staff, donors and customers for making it all possible.

Here is an end of year report for the period from the 1st of April 2021 to the 31st of March 2022 Inclusive for Mister Gees Foundation, Trading & Charity.


Gross receipts for the fifty two weeks to the 31st of March were ninety five thousand, four hundred and seventy one pounds (99,479)

The breakdown was as follows:-

Shop sales                        78,451

Internet sales                     3,867

Bulk clothing and books      6,896

Bulk Discs                        2,651 

Donations                           810  

Other Income                    6,804 (Including 2,667 Government Covid-19 grant & 4,000 bank migration payment)     



​The total expenditure for the period is shown as 23,093

The breakdown was as follows:-

Cost of sales                        813   (Inc. labels, bags, tags, postage etc.)

Banking & card charges         604

Legal costs                           409

Office & staff related costs 1,775   (Inc. Covid-19 related costs)

Occupancy Costs              19,495  (Inc. rent, rates, insurance, utilities etc.)


29th March 2022

With just two days of the financial year left I'm more than happy to say that yesterday Mister Gees Foundation (Trading) Limited, the not for profit company that operates the charity shop on Warwick Parade made a bank transfer that took the total donations made to the registered charity to over seventy five thousand pounds in 2021 - 2022.

Without the continued hard work by our team of over forty volunteers and the support given by the residents of South Woodham Ferrers as donors and shoppers this would have been impossible. On behalf of the trustees may I once again say a very, very big THANK YOU

Whilst Mister Gees Foundation continues to support many local groups and organisations within the village the trustees have taken an unprecedented decision to help Ukrainian refugees. Please follow the link below for more information and please help in any way that you can. 

February the 27th 2022

The shop is open again and donations have poured into the receiving tent, although after storm Eunice last week we are rather lucky to still have the tent. All I've been saying when asked is "we've done better than the O2 arena".

The latest financial report for the first four weeks has now available here on-line and all that remains is to ensure that we donate enough money to the charity in the next four weeks to ensure that the shop makes yet another loss. 

It still seems strange to me that a not for profit organisation is taxed on any profit made but the charity is not.

I posted the appeal below on Face Book earlier this week. 

The Bank of England recently stated that there are still over one hundred and thirty million old one pound coins in circulation.

So, look down the back of the sofa, shake the old man's trousers and dig deep into the children's piggy banks; if you find any of those missing coins, bring them along to Mister Gees Foundation shop on Warwick Parade and we will pay them into the registered charity's bank account and make good use of them.

Please help as it would be rather nice to be able to round off the year with the registered charity having received seventy five thousand pounds.. Just one coin in a million will help.



January 30th 2022

Well here we are with just two days before the shop re-opens after an extended break. Most of the refurbishments have been completed with just a few bits left that will be taken care of next week. Most of the works have taken place in "the back shop" so for our customers there will be very little difference.

On Thursday we will start receiving donations in the rear sorting shed and will continue to do so on Mondays and Thursdays only for the foreseeable future.

There are a couple of interesting projects in the pipeline for 2022 as we celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and also fifty years of Mister Gees Limited in South Woodham Ferrers, with an unbroken record of occupation and or ownership of Warwick Parade.