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12th of December 2022

This will likely be my last posting before Christmas ands the January closure. .I've lost count of the posts both here and on Facebook as well as publications in South Woodham Ferrers Focus asking donors not to leave anything outside the shop or in the rear yard when the shop is closed. Indeed my greatest ever feedback on Facebook came when I tongue  in cheek wrote about my sadness that so many people had been let down by the educational system and could not read.

Having tried just about everything we now have a two meter high by one meter wide poster on the container in the rear yard asking that no donations are left other then between 09:30 and 13:00 Monday to Saturday. and Yup!! you've guessed it donations are still being left under the poster.

I had thought about resorting to the vernacular in order to get the message across, but then thought again. So I've just given up.

Please see below for the December and January opening times.

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