December the 13th 2019

I refuse to get involved in party politics, perhaps it's my age and the ensuing cynicism that comes with the years or it might just be my amazement that people who put themselves forward in a high profile position appear incapable of organizing a piss up in a brewery, or even a sweet shop in South Woodham Ferrers.


Oh well, all I can do is wait and see what the next four years brings for the country, but in the meantime Santa and his Elves will continue to beaver away running the charity shop on Warwick Parade . 

As we approach the holiday season on behalf of everybody at Mister Gees Foundation charity shop may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Having completed another twelve months of trading, unlike the limited “festive period for giving”, here in the village it has lasted throughout; for this we can only say thank you. In return the staff have sorted, priced and sold your donations enabling the shop to contribute one hundred and twenty thousand pounds to the registered charity since December last year.


Not less than half that sum has been earmarked for good causes here in South Woodham Ferrers and to date used by such diverse groups as flower arrangers, park runners, local pre-schools and girl guides, not to mention the defibrillator on the station and seating on the sea wall.

Sixteen scholarships, each worth five thousand pounds have also been funded by the shop since opening in November 2017. These have made it possible for students that otherwise might not have been able to afford a master’s degree in sustainable farming, sustainable fishing and water management at UK universities.


The expertise gained by these individuals will be indispensable in a world affected by climate change and with a growing population that will need food and water.

Once again many thanks for your continuing support and can I remind you that the shop opening hours over the festive period will be as shown below.

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