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March the 3rd 2024

After spending well over an hour at the bank yesterday whilst they retrieved £330 from their cash counting machine that it had swallowed without trace, yes that's what I do on Sundays; the bookwork and banking, I've finally got around to completing the month end figures. for the penultimate time.


Sales in the shop are slowing down a little now as the shelves are emptying in readiness for the hand over .to the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity,

All of the existing staff have been interviewed with most deciding to remain at the shop, however some have taken the opportunity to join me in retirement.


With a little over four weeks until I retire there is still much to be done, including the emptying of the containers in the rear yard of all but the small electrical items. And rearranging the rear area of the shop.

It is anticipated that the shop will re-open during the week commencing the 8th of April, by which time I shall be over three hundred miles away at Le Bas Jaunais, no doubt doing the end of year returns for the shop and charity.

Until then, keep safe and look out for our final clearance sale from Saturday the 23rd of March




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