November the 14th 2019

Hopefully, by the week-end I will have completed the financial report for the last four weeks and be back on track; however before then I should like to thank everybody at the Foundation Shop who has worked so hard to ensure that it continued to run as normal during my recent stay in the NHS hotel at Broomfield.

During this period they even achieved the best ever sales in a single week, over two thousand eight hundred pounds, so it just goes to show how little I’m needed.

Since the shop opened in November 2017 it has had a gross income from the retail shop sales and the sale of reject clothing and books etc. of £186,309. To date the shop has donated £135,413 to the Village Group and Foundation scholarships; sixty nine thousand of that sum has been since April the 1st this year.


The other 28p in the pound has paid for the rent, rates, heating and lighting, together with other things like insurance, water, sewerage and even sturdy black sacks that we use about three hundred of every four weeks.

As the sales continue to increase with the fixed overheads remaining the same I’m hoping to get the level of donations nearer to 80p for every pound of income.

Still, I’ll get back to the books and once again can I thank everybody who has worked so hard in the shop as well as all of those customers and friends that have enquired as to my health.

The latest financial report up to the 10th of November is now available here on the web-site.


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