February the 3rd 2020

Since last writing in this section of the website a very dear friend has died at the age of seventy one. And whilst the name of Hazel Murphy A.M. will mean nothing to most of you it is through my association with her that Mister Gees Foundation exists today.

I first met Hazel in 1992 on my very first trip to Australia and it was the start of a friendship that lasted until her death. It was she who introduced me to Viv Thomson at Best's Wines where a decade later I spent five years as the general manager and CEO of the winery in the farming belt of western Victoria. During this period I became aware of the potential water and food shortages not only in Australia but worldwide, without which knowledge Mister Gees Foundation would never have been conceived.  

God bless you Hazel  and I look forward to raising a glass of Thomson Family Shiraz in your memory.




HAZEL MURPHY A.M. February 1948 - December 2019

This last few weeks have seen three records broken, three hundred and sixty four pounds for the most expensive single item sold by the foundation on E-Bay, six hundred and fifty pounds for the highest shop takings in a single day and over ten thousand pounds for the greatest sum of funding awarded by The Village Group in one session.

The shop is on track to make donations to the charity this financial year of one hundred thousands pounds which will be split equally between the village and UK scholarships in water management, sustainable farming and aquaculture. 

This month's financial report is now available in full here on the website and whilst referring to matters financial the foundation would like to thank Pocknells LLP for once again auditing the annual return to HMRC without charge . visit their website at for full details of their financial services.

lastly, Richard Green No. 3 son will once again be running the Virgin Money London Marathon and has agreed to accept sponsorship on behalf of the foundation. I will publish more details within the next couple of weeks detailing how you can help raise funding.

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