13th of November 2022

This last four weeks has seen the best sales figure in the shop for any single week and the replacement of the old tent in the service yard with a brand new container. The final works that will provide a covered receiving area, a headed and illuminated sorting area and a more secure storage space for donations should be finished within the next two weeks. at a total cost of just over six and a half thousand pounds. All in all this will provide a much safer and more pleasant workspace for the volunteers who work in the rear yard.

Thanks go out to the boys from Woodham Windows and also Chris and Dave from Square Edge Solutions together with our own band of volunteers for their help in making it all happen to time and budget.

With income of over ten thousand pounds again this period total revenue for the shop since the 1st of April this year now exceeds seventy one thousand pounds of which over fifty two thousand pounds has already been given to the registered charity.

Lastly please see below for our opening hours during the festive period and January 2023.