September the 13th 2020

At long last the shop is open, but it is hardly "business as usual".

Firstly, I must apologize to everybody that we have been unable to accept donations from this last few weeks.


In order to quarantine all goods for a minimum of seventy two before they enter the shop a tent has been set up in the rear service yard and although I thought that a six meter x four meter space would be ample, it has proven not to be so. We are still trying to find the most workable solution, so please bear with us whilst we re-configure the arrangements and layout as hopefully we will get there in the end.

Shop sales have been much better than expected with the second day of trading being in excess of five hundred pounds. At this rate we may well be able to exceed the budgeted level of donations to the registered charity of thirty thousand pounds this year. Sadly well below the one hundred and one thousand pounds donated last year.

The financial report for the last four week is now available here and also on facebook.


Would customers please continue to wear face coverings and make use of the sanitizer dispenser before entering the shop. Once inside please follow the floor markings and observe social distancing.

Lastly, on Thursday the 10th of September, because of a communications error between our credit card terminal and the banking system four customers who bought goods were not charged for their purchases. This was our fault, not theirs, but if they could ask for Val, Ian or Douglas when they next visit the shop we can hopefully rectify the problem as the shop will not be credited for these transactions.


The sales were via Visa Card      No. **** **** **** 9010 for £ 16.50 

                                 Visa Card      No. **** **** **** 1628 for £  8.90

                                 Mastercard   No, **** **** **** 0120 for £ 8.45

                                 Visa Card      No. **** **** **** 1404 for £ 8.90




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