April the 25th 2021

 I'm pleased to say that the charity shop on Warwick Parade is open again for business. In the first two weeks of trading the sales totalled just over three thousand three hundred pounds and hopefully by the end of next month we may well be getting back to our 2019 pre-lockdown level of two thousand pounds per week.

The sheer level of donations is still causing logistical problems but with your help and patience in time we will sort it out whilst still keeping everybody safe by quarantining all of the goods before putting them on sale in the shop.

It has been great to welcome back our existing staff including at least one new "granny" as well as some newcomers who have been kind enough to volunteer in various roles.

With the shortfall in donations from the shop to the registered charity last year the trustees are looking at new ways to generate extra income this year as well as trying to help local groups and organisations raise money themselves for specific projects.

With summer on the horizon and people beginning to think about outdoor activities and holidays why not pop into the shop and have a good look at what's on offer. We have everything from golf balls to goggles and from flash lights to flippers. As well as quite a few electrical items and a range of greetings cards made exclusively for and donated to the charity shop by Sarah Parks.


Lastly, the latest financial report is now available here on line; please take the time to read just how the money is raised and spent by both the foundation shop and the registered charity,