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                              Mister Gees Foundation

This financial report covers the period from the 21st of August 2023 to the 17th of September 2023 Inclusive.

If you compare the figures below with the profit and loss statements on our website there will appear to be some discrepancy. This is because in the first month of this financial year not only are the rates for the full twelve months charged but the landlord now invoices a full year’s rental, building charges and insurance; like the rates these costs are paid monthly instead of the rent quarterly in advance, the service charge six monthly in arrears and the insurance annually on April the 1st. The changes were made in line with all of the other shops on Warwick Parade in order to even out their monthly expenses. The overall effect will not even out until the final payments have been made in March 2024.



Gross receipts for the period ending the 17th of September 2023 were nine thousand, seven hundred and eleven pounds, fifty-four pence (£9,711.54) of which shop sales were seven thousand, seven hundred and sixty-five pounds.



​The actual expenditure for the period was £2,994 this was made up of rent, rates, bank charges, utilities, accountancy charges and the bi-annual staff tea party held in Andy & Sandra Wing’s garden. The cost of the event was just over £10.00 per head thanks to Paul Magson and his team of helpers who provided such a great spread on the day.




Donations of seven thousand five hundred pounds have been made during the last four weeks.



​As of the 17th of September, cash at the bank was £1,144.32


Un-deposited funds were £548.15

The PayPal accounts stood at £71.21

​Cash on hand in the till and petty cash totalled £60.00 

Available funds for distribution in South Woodham Ferrers held in the registered charity’s bank account are £65,012.85 of which a substantial sum has been earmarked to support the establishment of a Community Hub and Men’s Shed as well as providing new work space for the food bank.



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