March the 17th 2021

​ Regretfully I've not been too well this last few weeks but I'm on the mend now so just over two weeks late here is the latest news and financial report. 

​It is the intention of the trustees to re-open the charity shop on the 13th of April subject to staffing numbers. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a full year's trading and donations to the charity will return to the pre Covid-19 levels.

Whilst mentioning the charity shop I would like to once again acknowledge the hard work and effort that is freely given by the team of over forty volunteers. It is only their dedication that generates the money that is made available to clubs, schools and organisations here in South Woodham Ferrers.

The accounts for the first full period from when Mister Gees Foundation Charity No. 1181204 became registered in December 2018 'til March 31st 2020 have now been filled with the Charity Commission and apart from a couple of minor queries all appears to be in order.. Thanks go Pocknells for their services and support. 

This month will see the end of the latest accounting period covering April 2020 to March 2021  inclusive and once again I will submit my book-keeping for audit to Maisie Emans at Pocknells.

​Here comes the rub, I'm still chasing receipts for donations made to local groups and schools as far back as last September in order to complete this book-work. Each recipient of an award is asked to acknowledge receipt of the donation sent to their bank, nothing fancy, just and e-mail or letter showing their name and the sum received. The amount of time that I've spent chasing something so simple has been totally disproportionate and quite frankly it is time that could have been much better raising money for the charity.

After consultation with the trustees, all of whom jointly accept legal responsibility for the correct returns being made to the Charity Commission a simple solution to this problem has been arrived at. Any recipient of a grant that does not forward the requested receipt in a timely manner will not be considered for any future funding. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned but as a small child the first thing I was taught to do after receiving a postal order for my birthday or Christmas was write a thank you letter, either out of politeness or the fear that there might not be one next year.

​So here's looking forward to April and the start of a new year and the opportunity to welcome you back to the shop on Warwick Parade.

January the 25th 2021

​I'm not too sure why but the more time I have the less work I get done, it is three weeks now since the last trading period ended and I have only just written and published the financial report.

It doesn't make good reading but we have just received another grant from Chelmsford Council that has covered our expenses until the end of the financial year in March. This will show up on this month's figures.

The Village Group, with funding from Mister Gees Foundation has just donated fourteen thousand pounds to the seven local schools in order that they might buy much needed laptop computers for use during this period of home schooling. The Village Group has earmarked a further three thousand one hundred and fifty pounds that will enable the schools to have any suitable donated laptop computers wiped of data and a new operating system installed by Ahead 4. Please contact any of the local schools for details.  

​Regretfully the shop remains closed and will do so until it appears safe to reopen it. 

​Thankfully all of the volunteers have kept safe and many are now starting to receive their first Covid-19 vaccination.

​As ever local businesses have continued to support the foundation and our thanks go out to Richard Hewes of Hewes Security , Chris Green & Dave Bowdler of Square Edge Solutions and Maisie Emans at Pocknells.