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In order to comply with the wishes of the Charity Commissioners the Foundation Shop is now operated by Mister Gees Foundation (Trading) Limited.  The trading company will donate all of the net profit from the shop to Mister Gees Foundation, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which will in turn distribute the money at the discretion of the trustees.

The CIO operates like most others but with a big difference: taking heed from the old saying “charity begins at home”, not less than 50% of all of the shop sales are donated to good causes or groups within the geographical boundary of South Woodham Ferrers (as defined by Essex County Council), a group of local residents has been established in order to accept applications for, and oversee, the distribution of these funds.


In the first twelve months of opening donations to the village have exceeded twenty five thousand pounds, with a similar sum either donated or earmarked for scholarships, quite a milestone.


Applications for funding and suggestions as to how the money can be spent have been solicited via the local press and social media. They can be contacted at 

The staff now number forty plus, all of whom bring with them their own personality, qualities, skills and above all sense of humour, why not call in at the shop and say hello.


Full details of how your foundation shop is performing will be posted monthly on our website and published in The Focus. For information about future events and regular news, either sign up to our e-mail notification or visit the South Woodham Ferrers Facebook page, something that I'm still trying to master.

We now have four members of staff who are qualified to carry out Portable Appliance Testing (PAT TEST) and most of the sales assistants  have passed part one of the  "Auntie Wainwright's  you can sell anything" course!

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